About Us


Mayer Malik is a musician, singer-song-writer and entertainer with a message.

Band members Zvi Rodan on the drums, Jonathan Haringman on keys, Evyatar Kirsch on bass and Benny Weill on guitar are all stars in their own right forming the Cream of Jerusalem.

Mayer was born in New York and moved to Jerusalem alone when he was seventeen. Since then he’s been performing all over North America, Europe, Scandinavia, South America and the UK.

A master of almost anything with strings, Malik was mentored by some of this decade's best talents, including Grammy award winning guitar virtuoso C Lanzbom.

In 2018 he released his debut album “Dear God”, a symbioses of genre, vibe, reflections and hopes. The move-along groove and the gently laid lyrics ease the listener into a journey through identity, love, loss, war and peace. 

“Dear God" is Malik’s witty, subtle, well-seasoned prayer for the world in which he incorporates the elegance of Leonard Cohen, the swagger of Sinatra and the depth of Carlebach into a surprisingly balanced rhythm. 

The album resonated with Ronny Vance (former president of Geffen Music and Interscope Music), a veteran executive in the industry who noticed something fresh in Malik's sound, and launched a long and fruitful collaboration to capture it and record it for the rest of the world. 

Malik’s folk-rock funk pop debut album charted on Billboard during its first week of sales. Mayer is mixing his latest sound with Boaz Van De Beatz and will be releasing his first lofi hip-hop single in a line of new songs this winter.